Owaves Website Development

  • Role: UX Developer
  • Client: Owaves, Inc.
  • Year: 2016-Present
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What I Did

This project was the first thing I started working on when I joined Owaves back in late 2015. I was tasked to build the site from designs curated from the CCO of Owaves, Inc., Scott Parish. I was able to convince Scott to make some changes myself and in the end we ended up with a beautiful website.

The site is well over 100 pages as it contains a blog and a page we call "Day Plans" that contains posts dedicated to showcasing the daily routines of athletes, celebrities, and important figures in the world. The total development time was around 90 hours.

Owaves Website

What Challenged Me

This site was essentially my first client piece. In the beginning of my internship I was definitely nervous starting out but I got into a great workflow and was able to make the site shine. I am proud to say we had a successful launch!

There is one aspect of development that really gave me a hard time and that was customizing the display of the titles of the people on the "Day Plans" page. It was a custom script I had to code that took some tweaking to get right.

[Update: I have since grown from my newbie ways. It's crazy to look back and see how your capabilities change. I guess as my Dad always says, "it's only hard if you don't know how to do it, it's easy if you do."]

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