LaneSplitter JavaScript Game

  • Function: personal Project
  • Created: 2016
  • Updated: 2017
Play LaneSplitter LaneSplitter JavaScript Game

What I Did

This was a freaking blast to make! I ride myself so this project is close to my heart. I did this side project because I wanted to dive into JavaScript and learn about the different functions and capabilities of the language. There's no doubt that I could add more to this game, heck I probably will when I find the time. For now it's on display for your enjoyment. Give it a go and see how long you can last haha! Vroom.

What Challenged Me

What a learning experience it was to create this game. I went through a lot of stages of tweaking before I was able to get the look and feel I was going for. Getting the right amount of objects to appear on the page without slowing the browser and still keeping the difficulty level high was a challenge. There is still so much I want to add to this game.

In the future I plan to add levels and a have a global highscore system. I also really want to add a bit of AI to the cops in the game by having them give chase to the biker. I think this would add an extra level of fun to the game for sure! If anyone can beat my highscore of 365 I'll be amazed!